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Ridge AV is the AV technology partner for Hill Country Bible Church. With streaming content becoming integral to outreach, the church knew it was time to improve their production quality and asked Ridge AV to upgrade its IMAG system into a dual-purpose IMAG and Broadcast system. What resulted was a state-of-the-art broadcast system designed for use by volunteers and capable of producing multiple versions of their content geared for the live audience, the remote audience, and an online community.


To improve the production quality, additional cameras were required. Ridge AV specified and installed Panasonic cameras due to their quality, networkability, and the ability to closely match the gammas between manned and PTZ cameras. Three broadcast-grade manned cameras, three broadcast-grade PTZ cameras, and two POV Cameras were installed and linked to the control room via fiber. The cameras were deployed around the Worship Center to provide maximum coverage. Careful calculations were made to create stable camera platforms that elevated the cameras high enough to put the lenses at eye height on the stage.

Increasing the production value further, Ridge AV designed and installed a 30' robotic camera system that was mounted to the face of the balcony. This location is largely unseen by the audience, yet provided an ideal off-axis angle of the stage. Being virtually silent, the complex robotics are not noticed by the audience. This track dolly camera system provides an array of moving dolly shots that sweep the stage and audience. Moves can be tested and recorded by the system as presets and then launched during live production.



To provide a quality sound mix for the online audience, a dedicated room was remodeled and transformed into their mix space. The audio console has access to all audio sources via Dante and is accompanied by a variety of speaker combinations that allow the operator to hear the mix the same way as the online audience does. A wall-mounted 55" display sits in front of the audio console that allows the operator to see the production in real-time and see cues. While the Broadcast Mix operator is isolated, the new intercom system allows this operator to maintain full communication with other teams.


The heart of all AV systems around the facility is the Control Room. This space was upgraded with new NOC furniture to provide ideal work areas for staff and volunteers. Ridge AV designed a new enclosed Rack Room with sliding glass doors to house equipment racks.

Two new production switchers were configured so that the larger 2ME Ross switcher would produce the remote and online switch while a smaller Data Video Switcher will produce the IMAG switch seen by the live audience. At the main console twin 75" commercial-grade and calibrated displays provide an Evertz multi-viewer for the online switch. At the smaller console for the live (IMAG) audience, a 55" display serves as the multi-viewer display. 

This project increased the routing needs of the church so Ridge AV specified and installed an Evertz EQX Router that is 128X128 and capable of HD, 4K, and 8K video. With every input and destination connected around the building, the router provides unlimited flexibility and makes future changes far less complex to implement.

At the Tech Ops position, all camera controllers are recessed into the console for comfortable use and access. Cameras are shaded and configured from these controllers. The PTZ controller, also at this location, provides quick and easy access to adjusting PTZ cameras and triggering preset moves. Thanks to Panasonic's networking capabilities, the same controllers are used for all cameras.

Four M1 Apple computers drive a myriad of ProPresenter outputs used in venues and in production, all synced to each other to minimize the number of operators required during production. Four 24" displays mounted on a moveable 2X2 monitor arm provide full viewing of each computer.

Resi encoders and decoders are used to push content to the remote sites and the video wall, while HELO encoders push content to the online audiences. New intercom stations at both consoles provide reliable communication to the production team, audio team, and production managers. Tektronics digital waveform and vectorscopes, processing hardware, distribution, and other hardware round out the system.

More details of the Panasonic solutions we provided can be found in a recent Panasonic Case Study here that featured Ridge AV and HCBC.