HighPoint Estate

HighPoint Estate is a beautiful facility that caters to events and weddings. When this new facility began construction in 2019, they hired Ridge AV to design and install audio and lighting systems that would facilitate higher quality AV for their customers. Since its completion in 2020, Ridge AV continues to support these systems and adapt, grow, and expand their technological offerings.


Using Yamaha low-profile micro speakers and wedges with in-wall subwoofers, Ridge AV filled the entrance and lobby with high-quality sound yet visibly is not noticeable to the public. A convenient keypad in the lobby adjusts the sound level.


The Chapel is a beautifully designed and appointed space that required AV hardware to perform well but could not be visible to cameras. This required we get rather creative in rigging and mounting as almost the entire space would be wedding shots.

Lighting was a particular challenge as it couldn't be seen, but also due to the huge glass windows. So we not only had to contend with hiding the lighting, we had to create a system that could easily (for novices) change color temperatures which change throughout the day and with the weather. We achieved this by using huge 6' wide color-changing battens mounted to the stage-side of the brown beams. Then we augmented the battens with variable focus LED pars installed on the vertical members of the brown beams. Then we designed and coded custom lighting control software that made changing intensity and color temperature easy to change.

The audio was also a huge challenge as the goal was to provide an audio system that rivaled and exceeded anything a rental company could bring in and set up. To achieve this, we installed the RCF VSA digitally steerable column arrays and recessed them into the walls. With a painted border and grill, the speakers are almost invisible and certainly do not detract from photos or video and allowed us to place them where the audience was in the direct sound field.

Rounding out the audio system are auto-mixed wireless microphones and music servers. Input and output jacks around the space connected to the DSP via Dante provides all the connectivity audio and video vendors need to tap into the system for recording high-quality audio and being able to put additional inputs into the system. Ultimately, this saves users a lot of time, setup, and expense for a result that exceeds traditional portable systems.


This outdoor space is covered in high-quality sound that can originate from servers, inputs, and even the portable Sonos player the client uses. A series of Yamaha speakers were painted and carefully installed to be rather invisible to the public. The mounting angles used to allow the speakers to cover the entire Terrace and spill out onto the lawn and the amazing 150' long man-made river that runs thru the space. A keypad in the Terrace area allows the owner to easily adjust sound levels for this area.

Finally, the venue offers two outdoor locations for events and weddings. Ridge AV designed and installed an outdoor conduit system and junction box to facilitate events in these special locations. Features of these spaces include sound level controls inside the weatherproof boxes, speaker cables to weatherproof speakers hidden in the trees, and a high-gain antenna system that allows the wireless mics to be taken outside and used there.


Using Yamaha low-profile micro speakers and wedges with in-wall subwoofers, Ridge AV filled the entrance and lobby with high-quality sound yet visibly is not noticeable to the public. A convenient keypad in the lobby adjusts the sound level.


This is the largest room in the facility and hosts weddings, receptions, and other events. Here, Ridge AV designed a conduit system to accommodate a wide variety of applications. Audio, lighting, and video conduits span the space in almost any room configuration one could imagine. Audio and DMX lighting inputs and outputs are located in all key areas to provide the most flexibility. Additionally, Ridge AV specified all the electrical connections needed for audio, video, and lighting. Both electrical and low voltage connections surround the space down low for convenient hook-ups by DJs and other vendors. Additionally, electrical and low voltage connections were installed up at the ceiling height for the eventual installation of a lighting grid.


Also sunk into a wall is the main equipment rack. This is the heart of all audio, lighting, and control processing. Wireless mic receivers, the DSP, control processor, distribution and other hardware reside here. The rack connects to all locations with ample conduit paths to get anywhere in the facility and outside.


While all the AV technology is powerful and flexible, it all had to be easily operated by technical novices and the staff. To provide that level of ease and sophistication, Ridge AV deployed a custom Crestron control platform which is driven by wall-mounted touch screens, wall-mounted keypads, and personal devices. The user interface allows the facility to be put into preset modes and customization of the presets, along with complete manual control of devices and spaces.